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 Healdry In Action
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Here you will find information about name origins, coat-of-arms, tartans, and heraldry.

Family Heritage

 Heraldry - A Short Course
Heraldry 101
07-15-1999 - Escondido, CA
This topic is an introduction to the subject of Heraldry. Here we will define it's meaning, it's importance, and it's origin! Be sure to read this section, first. It will give you a good baseline for understanding the other Heraldry topics.

Coat-of-Arms: An Introduction
07-20-1999 - Escondido CA
A brief history of the origin of the Coat-of-Arms.
Update posted Dec 15, 2001

Clan MacCulloch Coat-of-Arms
07-25-1999 - Escondido CA
A Coat-of-Arms, as it is commonly called, is actually and historically an Achievement of Arms. This article contains a description, explaination, and graphic illustration of the MacCulloch Achievement of Arms.

Clan MacCulloch Crest of the Chief Badge
12-28-2001 - Escondido, CA
History, description, and graphic representations of the Clan MacCulloch Crest of the Chief. Research indicates Clan MacCulloch never really had a true chief and the badge was probably created to match the Coat-of-Arms.

Clan MacCulloch Tartan
12-28-2001 - Escondido, CA
Clan MacCulloch now has its own tartan. Clan members also have the choice of wearing the tartans of Clans MacDougall, Ross, Munro, Gunn as well as the Galloway District tartan.

Clan MacCulloch Dress Tartan
03-22-2002 - Escondido, CA
A new dress version of the MacCulloch tartan, designed by Peter MacDonald.
Update posted Aug 9th, 2002

 Electric Scotland
Visit Clan MacCulloch page. ElectricScotland International site for Scots & their descendants with lots of info on clans, history, tartans, holidays, and vacations.

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