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The Clan MacCulloch Genealogy Database, featured here is very interactive. You may query the database, print family trees, show ancestors & descendants, plus other options! I think you'll be impressed!

Highland Piper

Genealogical Information
Clan MacCulloch Surname Variations
11-05-2002 -- List of surnames discovered in our research!
Updated: May 18th, 2005 with new list of spelling variations.
Genealogy Database Update <-- [click here]
05-18-2019 update -- Our Genealogical database contains 22 generations of family lineage back to Sir Cullo O'Neil. This web site allows you to search by a variety of options and display individual or family data.

We have migrated our genealogical database to ... an online genealogy research resource! This will allow our visitors the ability to research and create their own family tree if they are so inclined.

Geneanet was launched in 1996 by genealogy enthusiasts, Geneanet is a community of more than 3 million members who share their genealogical information for free: more than 6 billion individuals in the family trees, some digitized archival records, some family pictures, some indexes, all available through a powerful search engine, and a blog.

The optional Premium subscription offers additional capabilities, including an advanced search engine, and to access hundreds of million of indexes provided by our partners.

The Geneanet team is passionate about genealogy and emerging technologies. And at Geneanet, genealogy is almost a family affair as several team members have common ancestors!
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