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 Healdry In Action
Heraldry 101
Heraldry 101
07-15-1999 -- Escondido, CA


Before describing our Family Coat of Arms, or more correctly, Achievement of Arms, I feel it appropriate to provide some background information on the subject of Heraldry.

Heraldry 101 is my short course for those of you not familier with the subject. It is a revised and condensed version from The Family Heritage Book with some of my own views, opinions, and observations added.

First, the definition of Heraldry.

American Heritage Dictionary definition:
her-ald-ry (her-uhl-dree); noun

  1. The study or art of tracing genealogies, of determining, designing, and granting coat of arms, and of ruling on questions of rank or protocol
  2. Armorial design or devices
  3. Heraldic ceremonies; pageantry
Importance of Heraldry

85 percent of all Americans can trace their heritage back to one of the British Commonwealth nations, (England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales). Imagine how many people may have an authentic coat-of-arms in their family background and their quest to discover if their ancestors had the rank or position in the old country that would entitle them to own and use an official coat-of-arms!

Commonwealth piece of the puzzle.

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